Ellie Jane Founder, Sarah larson, comes from a long line of sewers but never set out to start a handmade business.  despite her mother's persistency, she had no desire to sew until her freshman year of college. home for christmas break, she asked her mother to teach her to sew a bag, something useful and unique.  

sarah wore her handmade sachel until it fell apart and was being held together by safety pins.  and there it began, she made one to replace the old, and shared more with her friends.  

fast forward a decade, and sarah was continually drawn to create simple, useful, yet beautiful things.  Making bags for herself, family and friends, a passion was born.

now with a husband and 3 children, sarah works in her studio daily, designing and building bags that are functional, build to last, yet pretty enough to wear everyday.  


her goal is to create something that gets better with age, tells a story, and is proudly passed down to generations.  

each ellie jane bag is handmade from start to finish.  we take great pride in our work and hope that your next ellie jane bag is well loved.